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Why Do I Need a Broker? and Other FAQs



Why do I need a broker?


  • While technically you may not, if you truly love the things you own there is simply no better option

How are brokers different from a State Farm or Allstate agent?

  • Companies like Allstate, State Farm and Geico (often known as “direct writers”) have plenty of legally acceptable insurance products, but what they lack are options from more than one insurance provider and adequate coverage options to properly protect you, your family or your business in many cases

What can a broker do differently

  • A broker like North Improvement, LLC will be able to provide you with a comprehensive solution that will protect all of your assets, and we will typically be able to get competing offers from multiple insurance carriers that we work with


  • Because we aren't limited to the coverage offerings of a single carrier, we are especially good at creating custom solutions that are built around you, rather than covering you with a one size fits all offering that may leave you with gaps in your protection

What do you mean by adequate coverage? 

  • While you might be told by a mortgage company that you need a specific amount of coverage on your home or condo, and a carrier agrees to cover it for that amount, that may not be all that YOU need 


  • For example, have you considered the increased costs to rebuild your home or condo if it’s damaged in a hurricane when prices skyrocket and nearby properties are also in need of repairs? Have you considered the costs of staying at a hotel or rental property while your home is repaired or rebuilt? Have you thought about the financial impact of cyber fraud on yourself or your family? Have you considered how much you could be personally sued for if someone were to get injured on your property? 


  • Those questions guide how we think everyday when looking for solutions for clients like you, and the carriers that we work with have coverage solutions designed to protect you in the most damaging and challenging scenarios you can face as a home/condo owner or driver

What other value does working with a broker add? 


  • Perhaps above all else, a broker is able to advocate on your behalf when seeking coverage or working on a  claim on your behalf. While brokers have relationships with insurance carriers, we are beholden to our clients rather than the carriers we work with. Direct Writers are essentially employees of the carrier they offer policies for, whereas independent brokers lack this direct tie. We work for you, and are willing to go to bat to protect yourself, your loved ones, your belongings, and your business

How does a broker get paid?

  • Broker's get paid a commissions based on a percentage of the premium of policies you buy. Some states also allow charging a broker fee along with or without commission for placing your coverage, but that's not something we or our partner brokers do. North Improvement, LLC gets paid by our carriers and partner brokers based on a percentage of the premiums we place, and we only get paid when our clients buy coverage. That's how most independent brokerages operate, and we feel it provides the best value to you as a client, because you can get advice and quotes for free to test out whether a broker is right for you before you pay a dime


Want to see if we're the best advisor for you? In just 2 - 5 minutes you will be able to provide us enough information to apply for insurance on your behalf and obtain quotes from most carriers that we work with.

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