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Automobile Insurance FAQs

Can you find me the right carrier for my auto insurance?


  • Absolutely, and we can write auto insurance as part of a package with your home/condo/rental or even on a solo basis in many cases. We will be able to provide you with coverage limits that best suit you, your autos and also fulfill your registration state's legal requirements for minimum coverage

How much coverage can you get me for damage to my car?

  • Aside from being able to offer coverage limits well above state mandated insurance minimums for your driving or riding activity, we can also provide coverage on an agreed value basis instead of limiting coverage to the market value of a vehicle with certain carriers

I have expensive or collector cars, do you have coverage options for those?

  • Yes, we can also provide special coverage options specifically tailored for collector, exotic or antique cars and motorcycles

  • For collector cars that can sometimes never be brought back to their prior value after an accident and subsequent repairs, we can provide coverage to get you paid out for this diminution value

What about coverage for my business auto(s)?

  • We have plenty of options for commercial auto coverage, including umbrella coverage for business auto liability claims, which can offer limits well about the standard coverage offerings available on a commercial auto policy. To learn more about our liability and umbrella coverage offerings visit our Liability FAQ page

  • We really only need a small amount of information about you and your automobile(s) in order to obtain quotes from one (or more than one) insurance provider. For the quickest turnaround time you can fill out our quick 2-5 minute online quote request form (links directly below)

  • Alternatively, we can set up a time to talk in person (depending on your location) or have you provide us with your information over the phone (212-495-9172 is our main number) or you can email us at Whatever route you prefer to go is fine with us


Want to see if we're the best advisor for you? In just 2 - 5 minutes you will be able to provide us enough information to apply for insurance on your behalf and obtain quotes from most carriers that we work with.

Select what type(s) of coverage you need below to get started:

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