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Top Home Insurance near Westfield, NJ

     When it comes to finding the right home insurance for you, the task may seem daunting. Many of our clients have come to us after dealing with poor claims experiences, one-sided broker relationships, and slow Carrier customer service. We are hyper-sensitive to the fact that insurance is complex and can be frustrating, which is why we are a client-focused boutique brokerage that only works with the best A-rated carriers. Our clients' loyalty is a testament to why we are the brokerage to work with if you are looking for the top home insurance near Westfield, NJ.

Why Clients Choose Us For the Top Home Insurance near Westfield, NJ

     There are both objective and subjective aspects about insurance that make finding the best coverage important. For example, if the value or replacement cost of your home is over $1,000,000, there are many Carriers who may offer you coverage, and while seemingly cheap, many of those policies offered will be poorly suited for your family's needs. We strategically selected our Carriers based on their ability to handle claims perfectly, as well as offer coverage that is designed for high-end homes. With policies that can include guaranteed rebuild coverage, equipment breakdown, and high limits for water backup/sump overflow, we will be able to tailor an insurance package to meet your unique needs for a fair price.

     We have​ kept local families happy with their insurance by fully understanding their needs and creating coverage programs that do not let them down when claims unfortunately occur. When looking for the top home insurance near Westfield, NJ, it is important to choose a boutique independent brokerage like North Improvement because of our experience and our ability to work with numerous top-rated Providers to negotiate the best available coverage package on your behalf. Some agencies work with a single carrier regardless of their client needs, and we believe this is not the best way to serve your family. 

We know Westfield Just as Well as We Know Home Insurance

     Our leadership team has more than 90 combined years living in the Westfield, NJ area, and decades of insurance expertise covering high-end homes, automobiles, jewelry, umbrella, flood, businesses, and more. At North Improvement, we will set you up with the top Home Insurance near Westfield, NJ and are typically able to bundle auto, umbrella, jewelry, art, and even boat coverage with a single A-rated Carrier to simplify your insurance experience and provide the best available coverage with one broker and one provider.


     North Improvement, LLC is a boutique, family-owned, insurance brokerage based in Westfield, NJ that specializes in crafting coverage solutions that meet the unique needs and desires of affluent families. A consultation and getting quotes are both free of charge, because we want you to experience our value before spending a dime. To get started, you can fill out the form below, call us at 212-495-9172 or email us at


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