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  • Hayden Kopser

How To Read An Insurance Policy Part 4: The Deductible(s)

Insurance Demystified:

Have you ever wondered what your insurance policy actually covers?

Want to learn how to go about reading your policies, how deductibles work, or how endorsements impact policies?

We answer all of this, and much more in North Improvement LLC's new multi-part video series, 'How To Read An Insurance Policy', where our President, Hayden Kopser, discusses how to read an insurance policy starting with the declaration page.

In video #1 Hayden began by breaking down the start of the declaration page, which includes most of, but not all of, the information you'll want to know as a policyholder.

In video #2 Hayden explained the Property coverage section, AKA Section 1 of the policy.

In video #3 Hayden explains the Liability AKA Casualty coverage section, AKA Section 1 of the policy.

Watch video #4 on YouTube or LinkedIn to learn about deductibles and how they impact the amount that comes out of your pocket if you file a claim.

Enjoy and stay tuned for future installments in this series!

PS: You can contact North Improvement for all of your Property and Casualty insurance questions and needs:

Call/Text: 212-495-9172


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